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Furniture Wax

Earthborn Furniture Wax is a clear wax that provides a protective satin finish to interior wood surfaces. It can also be used over Earthborn Eco Chic Claypaint for Furniture to produce a durable and decorative effect on furniture. Waxed surfaces will remain breathable, protected and maintained, repelling water, dust and grease.


400ml - $28.01

Drying time: Can be polished after 30-45 minutes, depending on drying conditions.


This product needs several days to fully cure. During this period, wipe any spills or liquid immediately.


Approx coverage: Up to 50m² per litre.

Download your handy product data sheet here


  • Satin Finish

  • Protective Wax

  • Repels Water

  • Dirt Resistant

  • Anti-static

  • Can be used over Earthborn Eco Chic

  • Worn areas easily maintained by re-applying the wax



  • ​Beeswax

  • Carnuba Wax

  • Candilla Wax

  • Ceresin Waxes

  • Isoparaffin

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