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Eco Chic Chalk Furniture Paint

Our water-based Eco Chic chalky finish furniture paint makes updating your furniture a dream. Available in 72 scrumptious shades, it’s quick drying and can be used in a variety of creative ways. And because it’s Virtually VOC free and breathable, it cares for your furniture too. Eco chic chalk paint, the colours and finish you have been looking for! Add a cost of Earthborn Furniture Wax for extra stand out pieces!


750ml - £19.99

Touch dry: after approx 1 hour. Allow 6-12 hours between coats


Approx coverage: Approximately 10m² per litre. Actual coverage will depend upon absorbency of the surface and method of application.

Download your handy product data sheet here


  • Easy to apply

  • Great covering power

  • Virtually VOC free

  • Acrylic free

  • Oil free

  • Odour free

  • Child and baby safe

  • Vegan friendly



  • ​Water

  • Filler (Various clays, Chalk, Kaolin)

  • Binder (VAE Emulsion)

  • Thickener (Methylcellulose)

  • Some colours contain pigments*

  • 0.1% Synthetic preservative (Isothiazolinone mixture)

Pick a colour

Try a sampler in White to check it’s the perfect finish for you. Available in the full 72 colours in the larger tin sizes.

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